My name is Jordan, I am a Mental health advocate and writer. 

In April 2017, after a long time suffering in silence, I made the decision to go and speak to my GP.

It was at that point I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety disorder.

Since then, I have been working hard to try and do what I can, to maximise my life experience, despite the barriers my illnesses provide. Along this journey I have picked up a number of different coping mechanisms and strategies that I've used to try and combat my issues.

The purpose of my site/blog/social media, is to share what I've learnt with those who need it. In the hope that my story, will help make their lives that much easier. 

I am so grateful that you decided to visit my page, your support means an awful lot to me. If you would like to see more of my content, then please click the links below, that will take you to my social media pages. 

Thank you!


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