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CBD Oil for Anxiety and Sleep

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

CBD oil appears to be the new cure to absolutely bloody everything. Muscle aches? CBD! Struggling with sleep? CBD! Boyfriend acting up? CBD! If you’re currently staring at the screen with a slightly raised eyebrow, questioning, ‘what on earth is CBD oil?’ Then worry not, I’ve sourced you a perfectly worded statement, from a different and no doubt more informative website!

“CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the Cannabid sativa plant,

whish is also known as marijuana or help, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

It's a naturally occurring substance that's used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

(THC), which is the major active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive.”

After doing a bit of reading on the products, it appeared that CBD might well be the answer to some of my difficulties. I struggle pretty badly with anxiety and in turn that impacts my sleep. I lack the ability to sleep, because I am anxious and become further anxious because I am unable to sleep. Prior to discovering CBD much of my relief came from physical exercise.

Without a shadow of a doubt, exercise has been best thing for helping my anxiety and depression. The release of endorphins from this not only help me to calm down, but it helps me get to sleep!

Following a few days of consistent training and my body is a wreck. Normally needing a few days off, this is where the anxiety begins to deteriorate and as you can imagine becomes a very irritating and exhausting cycle.

To compliment both the anxiety relief and help with sleep, CBD has the capability to aid the body recovering from fatigue, probably something to do with the increase in sleep. So, with all that in mind, I was pretty sold on whether or not try it out.

My next step was finding a provider. I wanted a good quality product from a trusted supplier, that also wasn’t going to put a huge dent on my funds! I had been recommended PureSport CBD by my cousin, who had been using their products for a while and noticed brilliant results. So, the good quality aspect was there. Trust in a product doesn’t get much better than it being approved for Olympic athletes right? PureSport products are BSCG certified, meaning they have had the most in depth batch testing available. They are also completely THC free, so you definitely won’t get the munchies. Price wise, in comparison to other brands, I found that PureSport had far more ‘Bang for Buck’. So that was the provider sorted.

I didn’t really have any structure to my research, I just took it. When it ran out, I stopped using it. I resumed doing so more when I had the money! So this isn’t a particularly formal approach to research I’m afraid. But needless to say I did have some beneficial results! I started off by testing the 1000mg Oil tincture. When it ran out, I gave it about a month until I started using it again, but instead I opted for the 1500mg turmeric and ginger tablets.

From Day 1 my sleep was far better. A couple of small drops around 30 mins to an hour before bed, made me a hell of a lot calmer. It was amazing to see just how much my inability to get to sleep was affecting me mentally. Even the process of going to bed would bring on further anxiety, purely at the thought of me knowing it was going to take ages. It soon benefitted my mornings too, allowing me to wake up earlier and go to work in a more positive mood! Great start! My first batch lasted me nearly 2 months, using 1-2 drops per day before bed time. During the time CBD was not being supplemented, after a week or so sleep began to deteriorate. CBD had given me a solid sleep pattern, but the routine became worse, as I found it harder to get to sleep. My reaction to anxious situations changed too. I found myself feeling worse if I was ever stressed, which as you can imagine also affected my ability to sleep! With that, I purchased some more.

Second time around, I tried out the tablets. These I took once per day and also lasted me a couple of months. I already knew how much it improved my sleep, but this time, I was investigating its strength as a pain relief supplement. Following a few months off being injured, I was finally back into some regular exercise. I’ve never been good with exercise. Despite spending a few years playing rugby, I was never able to stay very consistent. If there was a fitness version of your eyes are too big for your belly, then I have it. I regularly push myself just a bit too far. It either leads to an injury of some sort, or general burn out. With my condition, having long periods of time off injured is detrimental to not only my mental health, but my physical health too. It is painfully frustrating to make progress in

something and then to lose most of it through time off. That is something I think all sports-people can relate to, no matter what level you are at. I’ve been desperate for a really long time to make continuous progress in my exercise, but through that lack of consistency, I have always struggled. I have been amazed at what CBD allows me to do, no matter the level of intensity or frequency of my training, I am able to recover far quicker. It’s now safe to walk up the stairs after leg day!

So another major win with the help of CBD.

Side effect; just the one luckily. Lucid dreams! Since taking CBD

I get the weirdest dreams. Nothing scary fortunately, just really peculiar stories seemed to formulate during my slumber. But I can sleep, so I don’t really care!

I think I’ve probably answered the question as to whether or not it worked for me. It most certainly did. Especially in my more recent experience and the benefits to my exercise routine.

Despite this not being the most the formal research conducted, I’d like to think I have some solid advice for those who have been curious about where or not to use the product!

Firstly, do your research. Find something that is trusted, the more testing its had the better. PureSport have the lab reports for their various products available to view on their website, just to give you that peace of mind. That's something I hadn’t come across before.

Next, try different dosages. I recommend going for 500mg initially, then working your way up. Many people have different experiences with CBD, some prefer lighter doses and don’t necessary feel the need to go stronger, it’s definitely worth testing where you are with it.

Finally, understand that this product is a supplement. CBD hasn’t cured my anxiety completely, but I can assure you it has significantly benefitted my mental health. Whether it be reacting more calmly to difficult scenarios, or by allowing me to get to sleep at a decent time. CBD has given me the opportunity to function better day to day.

So the verdict, well for me, CBD gets a big yes. I was really impressed with the results I get from PureSport’s products. My sleep pattern is far better, I most certainly feel less anxious and am now in a consistent routine of training! If prior to reading this, you were considering using CBD products for any of the reasons I have identified, then I strongly recommend you give it ago. It's amazing to think that a small product such as this has the power to bring you so many benefits!

You will find PureSport's full range of products on their website!

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